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Interactive Session with Ms. Jehanne Roccas

DSCN5555The Indo-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce & Industry (”IBLCCI”) held an Interactive session with Ambassador Jehanne Roccas on the future of the political and economic relationships between Belgium and India. The underlying theme was to discuss emerging opportunities in light of the Modi government and the proposed schemes like “ Make in India” and “Swach Bharat”.  This session was organized in collaboration with Consulate General of the Kingdom of Belgium.

As Ambassador and Director for South and East Asia, Oceania Ms. Roccas is responsible for policy development and strategic overview of the relations of Belgium with India and across South Asia and Oceania. She is the point of reference for both domestic and foreign investors. 

The event started at 5.30 pm with a welcome note by Mr. Ajay Rao, President, IBLCCI. The objective of the Interactive Session was to provide a two way flow of ideas and views between the representative of the Belgian government and members of the Indian corporates in attendance. Ms. Roccas, shared her insights by highlighting a not so known fact that Belgium is very advanced technologically in the area of Clean tech and waste management. These industries like many others in Belgium are dominated largely small and medium enterprises. 


She further explained by stating that with the new Indian governments policies the current political and economic environment is attractive for these technologically advanced Belgian SME’s to participate in the new initiatives around smart cities, waste management and clean tech through JVs with Indian companies. She also emphasised on the importance of the Free Trade Agreement between Europe and India in order to progress the relationship between our  India and Europe and allow for free exchange of technology and innovation. 

The Belgian Consul General provided an insight into the economic market of Europe by stating that many fear the unknown and the situation in Europe should be viewed as a challenge and not be feared. And the industrial corridor in Europe once again needs to be kick-started with the Make in EU campaign which is a mirror of the Make in India campaign.

Mr. Ajay Rao, thanked the participants for providing their valuable insights and suggestions and concluded the interactive session.